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Happy Thanksgiving messages to write in greeting cards, ecards or text messages

Yummy thoughts, priceless memories, and a flavorful day of happiness…That’s what Thanksgiving is all about! Hope yours is beautiful!


You make me smile. That’s why I wish you could be here with me this Thanksgiving! Hope that you have a holiday as wonderful as you’ve always made mine!


You know…it’s the people, like you, that make Thanksgiving really important. Hope your day is great!


You are on my mind and always in my heart! Happy Thanksgiving!


Wishing you were here this Thanksgiving…Being grateful that I have you in my life on this day and always! Happy Thanksgiving!


Wishing you a sweet and wonderful Thanksgiving…From All Of Us!


Wishing you a season of happiness and beauty. Hoping that the blessings of the holiday follow you today and always! Happy Thanksgiving!


Wishing you a Thanksgiving that’s chocked full of happiness, great times, and good health!


When it comes to your Thanksgiving food and fun…I just hope that it’s all good!


When I search my mind for those that mean the most to me…you are among those wonderful memories of friends and family! Happy Thanksgiving!


What you have done for me is more than you’ll ever know…You’ve given me a little piece of who you are through your tender care. I will always remember that! Happy Thanksgiving!


We may not be able to spend our Thanksgiving together, but you should know that I will be eating my share and your share of turkey to make it feel like you’re here!! Happy Thanksgiving!


We hope that you have a beautiful Thanksgiving! Happy Holiday!

Thanksgiving Messages For Family

You’ve transcended your role of daughter and have become my friend. I am truly thankful for that! Happy Thanksgiving!


You’ve always made Thanksgiving more like a fun Turkey Day! Thanks for that!


You mean so much to our family. We are always thankful for you both. Happy Thanksgiving to Our Daughter and Son-in-Law!


You mean so much to our family. We are always thankful for you both. Happy Thanksgiving to Our Daughter and Son-in-Law!


Wishing you the greatest Thanksgiving ever. We are so grateful to have a grandson as amazing as you! Happy Thanksgiving With Love!


What you have brought into our lives goes beyond words. Your life has filled us with happiness, pride, and so much love! Happy Thanksgiving, Daughter!


We thank God for having you in our lives..EVERY DAY! Happy Thanksgiving!


We are a family and the two of you are a big part of what that means in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving To A Wonderful Son and His Wife!


Turkey sandwiches, pumpkin pie, leftover stuffing…It’s an ongoing feast…Oh, My! Happy Turkey Day!


Thinking about you at Thanksgiving is as natural as the beautiful turn of the seasons. Happy Thanksgiving!


There are two things that I’m grateful for and I will share them with you today. It’s you, Granddaughter and your family. You make my life happy in so many ways! Happy Thanksgiving!


The two of you give me plenty of reasons to feel blessed on Thanksgiving and every day! I love you! Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving wishes to a wonderful brother and sister-in-law that make our family more complete and blessed!


 Thanksgiving Messages For Grandparents

You’ve always been there and I’ve never known a day without you. Grandmother, I truly thank God for you! Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Greetings To My Grandparents…Sending wishes, hugs, and kisses to you for a holiday that is super wonderful, too! I love you!


Our family would not be the same without you, Grandma. We are all so grateful to you for just being who you are! Happy Thanksgiving!


Nah….Nope….Couldn’t be….There aren’t any grandparents that can compare to you!! Happy Thanksgiving, Grandmom and Grandpa!


May you have the most glorious Thanksgiving ever, Grandpop! I love you!


May the joy of Thanksgiving fill your heart and mind. Happy Thanksgiving To My Wonderful Grandparents! I love you!


I’m super thankful to have you for my grandfather! I hope that your Thanksgiving is full of the love and precious moments that you deserve!


I love you, Grandma and Granddad! Happy Thanksgiving!


I love my grandparents more than any words could say. I’m sending you both special wishes for the Happiest Thanksgiving Day!


I hope that the love from this card is just pouring out as you read it! I love you so much, Grandma! Happy Thanksgiving!


I appreciate you more with each passing year. I love you, Grandma and I wanted you to know that I truly care! Happy Thanksgiving, Grandma!


Having grandparents like you is what gives Thanksgiving its true meaning. Happy Thanksgiving To My Grandparents!


Happy Thanksgiving To My Grandparents…No matter where I am and no matter what I do, my mind if full of wonderful holidays that I spent with you! Thank you and I’m sending wishes for many more beautiful holidays together!


God has blessed me with a beautiful grandmother like you. I’m just thankful, thankful, thankful!! Happy Thanksgiving, Grandmom!


A bounty of hugs and a cornucopia of kisses…For you, Grandma! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Messages For Parents

You’re a role model for me and anyone that ever wanted to know how to be a perfect dad! Happy Thanksgiving, Dad!


You make my holiday what it is…one of the most precious times that I get to spend with my beautiful and loving parents. I’m grateful to have you both in my life. Happy Thanksgiving With Love!


Thanksgiving wishes for my Mom and Dad. You’re the best parents that I could have ever had! Thank you for being you!


Thanksgiving wishes for a day filled with what you’ve always given me…LOVE! I love you, Dad!


Thank you for everything that you’ve ever done. It’s way too much to count! May your blessings be countless also! Happy Thanksgiving With Love!


SOOOO MUCH! That’s what I’m grateful for and that includes having awesome parents like you! Happy Thanksgiving, Mom and Dad!


Parents like you are the blessings that make kids like me more grateful! Happy Thanksgiving To You Both!


Our gratitude cannot be measured. Thanksgiving Wishes From Both Of Us!


Mom, nobody does Thanksgiving like you! You’re the Queen! Thank you very much!!! Happy Thanksgiving!


I’m grateful for you everyday and thankful for your love. It’s an awesome part of my life and a real blessing from above. Happy Thanksgiving, Dad!


I am blessed to have a mom like you! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!! Happy Thanksgiving, Mom!


Happy Thanksgiving, Mother…Love in abundance, caring everyday. I am grateful for you, Mother, and I wanted to remind you of that today!


Happy Thanksgiving To My Awesome Parents…You’ve done everything that you could to make our lives happy, meaningful, and fantastic. For that…we are eternally grateful! We love you! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Messages For Kids

You’re a wonderful grandson and I want to wish you an outstanding Thanksgiving! Eat up!!


You should know that I am grateful for having you in my life…on Thanksgiving and everyday!


You may need these to really complete your Thanksgiving day… a big hug and kiss from someone that loves you more than you know!


You are always in my heart…especially at Thanksgiving! Happy Turkey Day!


Wish we could just go and run through the leaves like we have nothing better to do…Hey, it’s Thanksgiving! After all the food, we might need the exercise!!


We are all so blessed to have someone like you to love in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving To Our Special Blessing!


Unlike that other slice of pie, I never run out of room for your hugs! Happy Thanksgiving, Grandson!


Turkeys and pigs just can’t get along. They’re always campaigning against each other…to keep from being picked for Thanksgiving Dinner! Hope your Thanksgiving Day is awesome!


Turkey Day always features someone extra special…this year, it’s…TOM! Hope his performance is delish!


Thanksgiving is not just about eating all day long. It’s about having gobs of fun while you do it!! Happy Thanksgiving To You!


Squirrels are always so busy. That’s why I figured this one would make a great card deliverer! Kind of NUTS to use a squirrel for that, huh Grandson? Happy Thanksgiving!


Some of the best things about Thanksgiving are all of the hugs, kisses, and smiles that I will get from you! Happy Thanksgiving, Granddaughter!


Seconds aren’t made just for clocks. They actually originated on Thanksgiving!!


Plymouth Rock may have been more than just a place to land a ship. It may have been the coolest music around too! Happy Thanksgiving!

Religious Thanksgiving Messages

We should be grateful everyday for what God has done for us. Take time this Thanksgiving to give Him thanks and praise!


Thanksgiving is the perfect time to really appreciate all that God has done for you. May God continue to bless you! Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is about more than turkey. It’s about appreciating all of our blessings, great and small!


Thanksgiving blessings of happiness to you, today and always!


Praying that God’s mercy, grace, and love fill your heart this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving!


Missing you this Thanksgiving…Hope you have a wonderful holiday!


May your Thanksgiving be a day of love and may it flow between you to those that you care about. Have A Blessed Thanksgiving!


May you have all the things that you love and, most importantly, the blessings from God above! Happy Thanksgiving!


May blessings overtake you at Thanksgiving and everyday! That’s my prayer for you!


God’s love shines in our lives. Hope your Thanksgiving brings you inner peace, inner happiness, and the true spirit of gratefulness. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!


I always get happy when I think of you! You’re such a great blessing in my life and I really appreciate that…especially at Thanksgiving!


Hope that your Thanksgiving is filled with memorable moments, special blessings, and the love of friends and family! Happy Thanksgiving!


Hope that your Thanksgiving is a blessing to your heart.


God is always there for you. May your Thanksgiving be a day for you to reflect on that love and that great blessing!


God bless you on this day of thanks, with love in your heart, faith, and grace. Happy Thanksgiving!


Give thanks…to God! That’s at the heart of Thanksgiving and life! Happy Thanksgiving!


Each Thanksgiving brings with it tons of opportunities for treasured memories and moments of spiritual reflection. May God bless you on Thanksgiving and always!


Blessings, blessings, and more blessings…that is my prayer for you. Happy Thanksgiving and may God greatly bless you!

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